16th October, 2016 – West End Festival Forums – West End Community House will host three open air forums in the early evenings of the last week in October at the much loved People’s Park in Boundary Street. Find the program here.

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16th September, 2016  – Greening West End on Park(ing) Day, in Sussex St, with residents of Tangara retirement village together with Alvin Kirby and Michelle Kirby-Brown, co-creators of the Green Space Strategy for 4101,  and Kurilpa Futures.

Past Events and Events We’ve Been Involved In

Just four weeks away from the Council elections, The Gabba Ward community continues to express dissatisfaction with the unprecedented amount of development applications currently in play and the lack of meaningful community consultation, reflected in back-to back pre-election events organised in West End.



  • Brisbane Residents United – March and Rally15th November, 2015. Residents from across Brisbane banded together under the banner of Brisbane Residents United, starting at 10.00am, from Reddacliff Place to the City Gardens, to show the Brisbane City Council we care about what happens in our city.
FlyerB&W Rally



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4 responses to “Events

  1. Hi, would I be able to pick up and distribute about 30 of your “Stop over-development” stickers? If so, pls let me know how to pick up etc.. Thanks Scott


  2. Hi. I’m hoping to get some signs/stickers to voice our disapproval of the rampant development here in West End. Can you please let me know where I can go? cheers


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