Boundary Street Precinct


– Boundary Street Precinct: Ideas for the Future


14th August – STAGE 1: Following an introduction the previous week from QUT Community Planner, local resident and KF member, Phil Heywood, sixty University of Queensland undergraduate and postgraduate students, for the second year, visited West End on Wednesday, August 12th in their preparation to work on schemes for the future planning of West End’s central core of 50 hectares. The project covers the area on both sides of Boundary Street, extending from Browning to Granville Streets. Each team will adopt one, or a mix of the three, variants of Trend, Mixed Use or Conservation Strategies.
Gathering bright and early under the leadership of their lecturer, Dr Sebastien Darchen, in Bunyapa Park, the students set off to explore the neighbourhood in six small groups. Each group was led by either a member of Kurilpa Futures, including Ruth Christie, Belinda Macartney, Stephen Fisher, as well as Phil, or by one of the two UQ staff members.
Explorations continued for an hour and a half, with each group touring an interesting selection of the neighbourhood’s key conservation and development sites and community life anchors. Both historic buildings and new development sites were looking their best in winter sunshine and the students celebrated their escape from the limitations of online lockdown restrictions to relish direct contact with real people and places, resulting in numerous insightful questions and comments!
Finishing in Boundary Street at the Goanna and, subsequently, the Boundary Hotel’s Coffee Shop–Down-The-Alley, several groups continued in lively discussion and one was still going strong an hour later.
As from 2019, we confidently anticipate some very creative and imaginative proposals, combining community values and concerns with measured responses to the inevitable development pressures facing inner city suburbs.
Staff and students will be working on the project all semester in teams of four and the best resulting studies for each of the three options – Trend, Mixed Use and Conservation- will be presented back to the local community in, or just after, November. Watch This Space!

3rd December, 2020 – STAGE 2: 3 of the student projects  from 2020 have been released for viewing:

  1. WEST END REGENERATION PLAN – “West End is a rapidly growing suburb that has a long history of settlement and is home to a variety of heritage.”
  2. PLAN7126-WEST_END_REGENERATION – “The unique character of West End can be attributed to it’s rich cultural heritage, a long history and its central location.”
  3. Farideh– “The suburb of West End is under threat of gentrification.”

3rd December, 2020 – STAGE 3: Media Release

UQ Students Plan West End With A Human Face


– Boundary Street Precinct: Ideas for the Future


29th July – STAGE 1: Planning students and staff from the University of Queensland met with members of Kurilpa Futures and representatives from West End Community Association to participate in an orientation of the Boundary Street Precinct as a prelude to the forum.


5th August – STAGE 2: Students, planners, traders, and community agencies participated in a workshop to explore ideas for the future of the Boundary Street Precinct.

  • When: 9.00 am – 11.00 am, Monday, 5th August, 2019
  • Where: AHEPA HALL, 126A Boundary St, West End
  • Hosted by: Kurilpa Futures in collaboration with Dr Sebastien Darchen from the University of Queensland and John Mongard Landscaping and supported by West End Community Association.
  • Program


12th August, 2020 – STAGE 3: 6 of the student projects  from 2019 have been released for viewing:

  1. Susatinable Site Proposal – “The site has two frontages, the primary active frontage will be located in Boundary St on the eastern boundary, and the second boundary to the west on Thomas St.”
  2. Banksia House Proposal – “The report provides a context analysis about the site, users and market trends.”
  3. West End Regeneration Plan_1 – “Breaking the boundaries – Vision and Strategies”
  4. West End Regeneration Plan_2 – “The regeneration transforms the area into a jungle in the middle of the city.
  5. West End Regeneration Plan_3 – “This report describes the vision, design strategy and conceptual plan for the West End Centre.”
  6. West End Regeneration Plan_4 – “West End is a community where historical values and indigenous culture are acknowledged and embraced.”