4th March, 2017 – in response to community concerns re increase in traffic in the area Brisbane City Council has made a survey available to residents for a proposed Local Area Traffic Management Plan. Kurilpa Futures has written to the council with concerns on this topic. Our letter can be found here.

7th February, 2017 – Last year members of Kurilpa Futures met with representatives of the South Bank Corporation concerning its redesign of the South Bank Master Plan. In this document we have listed our concerns and the principals that the local community has indicated should underpin the new plan.

Kurilpa Futures Newsletter – 2016 Wrap-up


Greening West End – including the award winning Green Space Strategy for 4101

3rd November, 2016 – South Bank Master Plan: South Bank Corporation invited members of Kurilpa Futures to meet with them on the 17th October, where Professor Catherin Bull, Chair of South Bank Corporation, presented the corporation’s vision for the South Bank Master Plan. At a second meeting members of Kurilpa Futures discussed a submission that we will make to the South Bank Corporation with our concerns over the direction of the ongoing development of South Bank.

  • Minutes of the initial meeting with Professor Bull.
  • A list or the principles that we, as a group, consider should be included in the Master Plan. This is a document that is in the process of being developed and we welcome input from the wider community. Versional updates will be made available here.

19th October, 2016 – West End Festival ForumsWest End Community House will host three open air forums in the early evenings of the last week in October at the much loved People’s Park in Boundary Street. Find the program here.

Community Forum flyer[4].jpg create-west-end-upgraded-poster-3

16th August, 2016 – Kurilpa Futures Group Submission to the Deputy Premier re her proposed ‘Call In’ of the BCC’s approval for the West Village development.

2nd June, 2016 – Shaping SEQ – Thought Leadership Series with Jackie Trad and the EDO – Kurilpa Futures’ considerations: KF Outline of Regional Scale Issues and Proposed Plan Preparation Arrangements for New West EndPeninsula Plan

31st May, 2016 – The LNP Brisbane City Council has always indicated that the 4101 community supported the South Brisbane Riverside Neighbourhood Plan. See some facts associated with the establishment of the current plan: Fact Sheet SBRNP

29th April, 2016 – Green Space Strategy for 4101 Updated version – Prepared by local landscape architects John Mongard, Gavin Hardy, Alvin Kirby and Michelle Kirby-Brown.


18th March, 2016 – Shadowing of large buildings can be of considerable concern. These diagrams of the recently approved Development of the “Absoe” site along West End’s Boundary and Mollison Streets show the effect that these buildings will have on the local area, especially on Wilson and Little Jane Streets.


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