• 23rd September, 2020 – With the recent opening of the new Montague Markets and the planned opening of the new theatre at the Queensland Ballet in January, 2021 (both at the Southern end of Montague Road) concern has been expressed by many members of the community about the lack of a traffic management plan for the Kurilpa Peninsula. Kurilpa Futures has written to the Lord Mayor on this issue and has finally received a response.

    You can also see all correspondence that Kurilpa Futures has had with the Lord Mayor’s office in 2020 here.

  • 14th August, 2020 – Student project, 2020 – Boundary Street Precinct: Ideas for the Future

For the second year in a row members of Kurilpa Futures have participated in the University of Queensland undergraduate and postgraduate Urbane Design students project to contribute to the future planning of West End’s central core. See more of both year’s contributions, including examples of projects from 2019 at https://kurilpafutures.org/events/boundary-street-precinct/

  • 7th June, 2020 – Newsletter: June, 2020

Kurilpa Futures Newsletter for June, 2020 can be found here. Find out what’s been occupying our time recently.

  • 18th May, 2020 – INVITATION: Zoom Workshop – 
South Brisbane Transport and Mobility Study.

KF_LogoKurilpa Futures is holding a Zoom Workshop to give you an opportunity to learn more about, and discuss, the State Government’s South Brisbane Transport and Mobility Study (SBTMS). The report focuses on improving walking, cycling and public transport services in Kurilpa.

WORKSHOP DATE and TIME : Saturday 23rd May from 4pm to 5pm


    • Welcome and acknowledge the Traditional Owners – 5 mins
    • Purpose of the event and brief history of the study – 5 mins
    • Comments from Neil Sipe – Transport Planner and retired Professor of Planning at UQ – on the positive aspects of the report, what is missing and what the priorities/opportunities should be – 10 mins
    • Comments and questions – 35 mins
    • Thank you and next steps – 5 mins

Link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81158121538?pwd=RlZ2RWJ2SHk5bG40MFdWSFQ0djNuZz09
Meeting ID: 811 5812 1538
Password: 529785

PREPARATION for the workshop: you can read
(1) the Report at the Department of Transport and Main Roads website, and
(2) our Summary of the recommendations, and what we think are priorities.

  • 16th March, 2020 – Update on Candidates’ Forum – Two of the candidates for the position of Gabba Ward Councillor attended the forum.
    • Jonathan Sri – Greens (Currently holds the position)
    • Rachel Gallgher – ALP

You can see a video stream of the forum from Facebook if you go to the FB link on the right hand side of this page.

All candidates were sent a set of questions before the forum that they were asked to address in their opening remarks.

    • The LNP candidate was not able to attend the forum but provided a written response to those questions.
  • 28th February, 2020Kurilpa Futures will hold a Candidates’ Forum on the 7th March at AHEPA Hall, Boundary St, West End. The program for the afternoon will include Gabba Ward candidates who have consented to participate.


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