• 27th March, 2021 – Kurilpa Futures’ Green Bridges submission – included here is the submission that Kurilpa Futures has sent to the BCC Green Bridges team. We remain concerned that the ‘push polling’ online survey on the Brisbane City Council website constrains participants to identify and support one of three preferred bridge options in the two locations, giving no opportunity to raise concerns and seek more information, nor to register a ‘no bridge’ position.
  • 21st March, 2021 – Ecological impact of Tree Removal for Green Bridge ConstructionThere has been considerable discussion about the proposed Green Bridges to West End from Toowong and Saint Lucia. As part of our research in formulating a stand on this issue Kurilpa Futures has looked at the trees, and their ecological value, that will be removed on the Kurilpa Peninsula to allow for construction in each of the 3 options for the Toowong bridge and the 3 options for the Saint Lucia bridge.
  • 17th March, 2021 – Removal of our posters
    In the BCC Green Bridge consultation flyers they acknowledge “Potential impacts to established green space”. One of Kurilpa Futures concerns is that doesn’t really make clear to residents what the impacts are.
    To promote better informed responses Kurilpa Futures estimated from BCC schematics which trees were likely to be removed, and researched what their features were including their carbon storage and CO2e equivalent.
    Residents have keenly engaged with this information, but unfortunately someone has taken it upon themselves to remove the posters from the trees, denying other residents access to the information. Below is an example of the information that was posted. Kurilpa Futures will arrange to have this detail posted on our web site.
    We also call on whoever removed the posters to put them back so that residents are more able to make informed decisions about the proposed bridges.
  • 6th March, 2021- Submission on 281-297 Montague Road
    Over the last 6.5 years Kurilpa Futures has been monitoring local development applications that have been submitted to Brisbane City Council and subsequently made available through PDOnline. The most recent DA of concern to us is right next to Davies Park at 281-297 Montague Rd and our submission can be found HERE. If you’re interested in seeing the original DA you will find it at the link:
    and if you share our concerns please read our submission and, maybe, use it as a basis for your own submission.
  • 19th October, 2020 – Candidates’ Forum Video: Thanks to the South Brisbane candidates and viewers who participated in what turned out to be a passionate political discussion with Kurilpa Futures. Four of the seven candidates participated in the forum: Amy MacMahon for the Greens, Jackie Trad for Labor, and independents, John Jiggens, and John Meyer. LNP candidate Clem Grehan was a last-minute apology. This is perhaps one of the most critical elections for Queensland for some time, so if you missed it and want to hear what the candidates are promising, catch up AT THE LINK HERE.
  • 17th October, 2020 – Traffic Petition Montague Road and the Peninsula: If you haven’t already signed our petition requesting the Brisbane City Council to undertake a complete Transport Mobility Study for Montague Road and the surrounding you can still do so on the BCC epetition site.
  • 14th October, 2020 – Aims of Kurilpa Futures: Kurilpa Futures’ overall aim is to ensure that development on the Kurilpa Peninsula meets the needs of the residents of, and visitors to, South Brisbane and the wider Brisbane community. Read the complete expression of the associated issues here.
  • 5th October, 2020 – Candidates Forum: Kurilpa Futures is hosting a Candidates Forum for the upcoming State election via Zoom. For more information on the election together with details for registration and necessary associated links check here.

If you’ve never used Zoom but wish to join us you may wish to have a look at this link and make sure you download Zoom and familiarise yourself with the process before the forum.

  • 29th September, 2020 – Anyone wishing to make a submission, with respect to the Aria Property Group’s application to build a high-rise development on Glenelg Street in South Brisbane, has until 2 October to do so. See the application at PDOnline here.
    See Kurilpa Future’s submission here.
  • 23rd September, 2020 – With the recent opening of the new Montague Markets and the planned opening of the new theatre at the Queensland Ballet in January, 2021 (both at the Southern end of Montague Road) concern has been expressed by many members of the community about the lack of a traffic management plan for the Kurilpa Peninsula. Kurilpa Futures has written to the Lord Mayor on this issue and has finally received a response.You can also see all correspondence that Kurilpa Futures has had with the Lord Mayor’s office in 2020 here.
  • 14th August, 2020 – Student project, 2020 – Boundary Street Precinct: Ideas for the Future

For the second year in a row members of Kurilpa Futures have participated in the University of Queensland undergraduate and postgraduate Urbane Design students project to contribute to the future planning of West End’s central core. See more of both year’s contributions, including examples of projects from 2019 at https://kurilpafutures.org/events/boundary-street-precinct/

  • 7th June, 2020 – Newsletter: June, 2020

Kurilpa Futures Newsletter for June, 2020 can be found here. Find out what’s been occupying our time recently.

  • 18th May, 2020 – INVITATION: Zoom Workshop – 
South Brisbane Transport and Mobility Study.

KF_LogoKurilpa Futures is holding a Zoom Workshop to give you an opportunity to learn more about, and discuss, the State Government’s South Brisbane Transport and Mobility Study (SBTMS). The report focuses on improving walking, cycling and public transport services in Kurilpa.

WORKSHOP DATE and TIME : Saturday 23rd May from 4pm to 5pm


    • Welcome and acknowledge the Traditional Owners – 5 mins
    • Purpose of the event and brief history of the study – 5 mins
    • Comments from Neil Sipe – Transport Planner and retired Professor of Planning at UQ – on the positive aspects of the report, what is missing and what the priorities/opportunities should be – 10 mins
    • Comments and questions – 35 mins
    • Thank you and next steps – 5 mins

Link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81158121538?pwd=RlZ2RWJ2SHk5bG40MFdWSFQ0djNuZz09
Meeting ID: 811 5812 1538
Password: 529785

PREPARATION for the workshop: you can read
(1) the Report at the Department of Transport and Main Roads website, and
(2) our Summary of the recommendations, and what we think are priorities.

  • 16th March, 2020 – Update on Candidates’ Forum – Two of the candidates for the position of Gabba Ward Councillor attended the forum.
    • Jonathan Sri – Greens (Currently holds the position)
    • Rachel Gallgher – ALP

You can see a video stream of the forum from Facebook if you go to the FB link on the right hand side of this page.

All candidates were sent a set of questions before the forum that they were asked to address in their opening remarks.

    • The LNP candidate was not able to attend the forum but provided a written response to those questions.
  • 28th February, 2020Kurilpa Futures will hold a Candidates’ Forum on the 7th March at AHEPA Hall, Boundary St, West End. The program for the afternoon will include Gabba Ward candidates who have consented to participate.


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