27th October, 2020 – Kurilpa Futures has lobbied our local State representative, Jackie Trad, for support to develop a Transport and Mobility Strategy for the Kurilpa Peninsula. At Jackie’s urging the State government commissioned a South Brisbane Transport And Mobility Study in 2018 to ‘investigate opportunities to enhance movement into, around and through the area by private vehicles, public transport and active transport’ (DTMR, 2018).


With the recent opening of the new Montague Markets and the planned opening of the new theatre at the Queensland Ballet in January, 2021 (both at the Southern end of Montague Road) many residents have expressed concern about the lack of a traffic management plan for the Kurilpa Peninsula. Kurilpa Futures has written to the Lord Mayor on this issue and has received a response. (You can also see all correspondence that Kurilpa Futures has had with the Lord Mayor’s office in 2020 in the table below).

As a result of of this correspondence, and in conjunction with residents in the South Montague Road Precinct, Kurilpa Futures has collected more than 400 signatures electronically and on paper on the following petition. The epetition closed and was automatically submitted on the 25th October. The paper version was subsequently submitted in person on the 26th October. We now await, with interest, the Council’s response.

Delivery the paper petition to BCC


As support for our petition Jackie Trad has written to the Lord Mayor and is committing, on behalf of the Palaszczuk Labor Government, “$1 million to progress a plan for Montague Road, based on a 50/50 partnership with the Brisbane City Council.” (Media release)

Kurilpa Futures has asked both Amy MacMahon Greens candidate for South Brisbane and Clem Greham LNP candidate for South Brisbane if they would commit an equivalent amount in the case of their possible election. The response we received from Amy MacMahon is here but to date have received no response from Clem Greham.

2020 Correspondence Between Kurilpa Futures and the Lord Mayor

Green Bridges9th December, 2019Reply30th January
Introducing KF
South Brisbane
29th AprilReply6th May
TAMS Study3rd MayReply15th June
Traffic Management
Montague Road
18th AugustReply17th September
Over the last six years that Kurilpa Futures has been working towards positive and sustainable development on the Kurilpa Peninsula we have, on a number of occasions sent submissions to the Lord Mayor. We haven’t always received a reply. This is a list of our submissions for 2020 and the corresponding replies we have received either from the Lord Mayor himself or one of his staff.


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Queensland Walks
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