Media Releases and Submissions


18th February, 2018 – Letter of response from Kurilpa Futures to the South Brisbane Transport and Mobility Study.

14th August, 2017 – Response from Kurilpa Futures to the proposed Green Bridge between St Lucia and West End.

26th July, 2017 – Kurilpa Futures Submission on the Development Application (Application Number: A004623409) for a 33 storey development at the corner of 9 Fish Lane and 75-78 Hope St, South Brisbane. The submission period is the 14th July to the 7th August.


20th June, 2017 – Kurilpa Futures submission to the DILGP on the Community Engagement Toolkit

20th May, 2017 – Kurilpa Futures strongly supports the introduction and adoption of a Human Rights Act by the Queensland State Government to safeguard inalienable human rights in each of five concerns indicated here.

2nd March, 2017 – Kurilpa Future’s submission to the West End Local Area Traffic Management (LATM) Survey

21st October, 2016 – Kurilpa Futures’ submission to the proposed new Planing Legislation

26th May, 2016 – Submission to Shaping SEQ website (Sustainability category – Ideas) – Providing Community Space in High Density Development Areas

10th March 2016 – Submission to City Council – Relocation of Entertainment Centre From Boondal To SouthBrisbane


26th January, 2019 – Media Release – Drive Under 40k/h in 4101 

29th November, 2017 – Media Release – Montague Road Village Green – 29.11.2017

18th October, 2016 – Media ReleaseWest End Festival Forums

27th February, 2016 – Media Release – IPNRC Hearing

18th February, 2016 – Media Release – Seven Local Council Candidates Face 150 Residents in a Pre-Election Q&A

7th February, 2016 – Media Release –  Kurilpa Future’s Council Q&A

23rd July, 2015 – Media Release – West End Community Stands Together

17th July, 2015 – Media Releases – Lord Mayor Agrees to Meet re: Kurilpa Development

10th July, 2015 – Media Release – West Enders Will Rally Against Mega Development

19th May, 2015 – Media Release – Kurilpa Ideas Forum Raging Success

7th May, 2015 – Media Release – Lord Mayor Missing Opportunity

20th April, 2015 – Media Release – Re-imaging Kurilpa, Serving Queensland

27th November, 2015 – Media Release – Let’s Talk About Kurilpa

17th November, 2014 – Media Release – ‘Wake’ for South Brisbane and West End as 100m high apartment block is planned for Bouquet Street on Southern Riverside

30th October, 2014 – Media Release25 Bouquet St, South Brisbane

26th October, 2014 – Media Release – Community Coalition urges BCC and Qld Govt to try harder on Kurilpa Plan

7th October, 2014 – Media Release – Genuine Consultation Needed

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