Submissions and Media Releases

17th December, 2019Letter from Kurilpa Futures to the Lord Mayor re the proposed Green Bridges entering into the Kurilpa Peninsular.
25th October, 2019Submission from Kurilpa Futures to Brisbane City Council in response to the Dornoch Terrace safety improvements project

23rd October, 2019Letter from Kurilpa Futures to Lord Mayor re Jane St Community Garden West End

1st October, 2019 – Feedback provided to Cr Jonathan Sr re Davies Park proposed pipeline impacting Jane Street – per John Mongard, Landscape Architect.

18th March, 2019 – Kurilpa Futures believes that planning in the Kurilpa Peninsula, allowing very large increases in the population without the commensurate infrastructure provision, will be very detrimental to the area and to Brisbane in the long term. Government must provide parks, community facilities and public transport, or reduce the allowable development of the area.

We have set out our position, on this issue, in the attached document which we have sent to representatives of local, state and federal government. We plan now to request followup meetings with all levels of government to pursue their reactions to this paper.

1st August, 2018 – Feedback Davies Park Improvement Plan – John Mongard, Landscape Architect.

18th February, 2018 – Letter of response from Kurilpa Futures to the South Brisbane Transport and Mobility Study.

19th November, 2017- Montague Road Village Green Concept paper from John Mongard, Landscape Architect – in response the Davies Park Improvement project.

30 September, 2017 Letter to Brisbane City Council in respect to the Davies Park Improvement project.

14th August, 2017 – Response from Kurilpa Futures to the proposed Green Bridge between St Lucia and West End.

26th July, 2017 – Kurilpa Futures Submission on the Development Application (Application Number: A004623409) for a 33 storey development at the corner of 9 Fish Lane and 75-78 Hope St, South Brisbane. The submission period is the 14th July to the 7th August.


20th June, 2017 – Kurilpa Futures submission to the DILGP on the Community Engagement Toolkit

20th May, 2017 – Kurilpa Futures strongly supports the introduction and adoption of a Human Rights Act by the Queensland State Government to safeguard inalienable human rights in each of five concerns indicated here.

2nd March, 2017 – Kurilpa Future’s submission to the West End Local Area Traffic Management (LATM) Survey

21st October, 2016 – Kurilpa Futures’ submission to the proposed new Planing Legislation

26th May, 2016 – Submission to Shaping SEQ website (Sustainability category – Ideas) – Providing Community Space in High Density Development Areas

10th March 2016 – Submission to City Council – Relocation of Entertainment Centre From Boondal To SouthBrisbane

18th March, 2019 – Media Release – Towards an Itegrated Strategy for the Kurilpa Peninsula

26th January, 2019 – Media Release – Drive Under 40k/h in 4101

29th November, 2017 – Media Release – Montague Road Village Green – 29.11.2017

18th October, 2016 – Media ReleaseWest End Festival Forums

27th February, 2016 – Media Release – IPNRC Hearing

18th February, 2016 – Media Release – Seven Local Council Candidates Face 150 Residents in a Pre-Election Q&A

7th February, 2016 – Media Release – Kurilpa Future’s Council Q&A

23rd July, 2015 – Media Release – West End Community Stands Together

17th July, 2015 – Media Releases – Lord Mayor Agrees to Meet re: Kurilpa Development

10th July, 2015 – Media Release – West Enders Will Rally Against Mega Development

19th May, 2015 – Media Release – Kurilpa Ideas Forum Raging Success

7th May, 2015 – Media Release – Lord Mayor Missing Opportunity

20th April, 2015 – Media Release – Re-imaging Kurilpa, Serving Queensland

27th November, 2015 – Media Release – Let’s Talk About Kurilpa

17th November, 2014 – Media Release – ‘Wake’ for South Brisbane and West End as 100m high apartment block is planned for Bouquet Street on Southern Riverside

30th October, 2014 – Media Release25 Bouquet St, South Brisbane

26th October, 2014 – Media Release – Community Coalition urges BCC and Qld Govt to try harder on Kurilpa Plan

7th October, 2014 – Media Release – Genuine Consultation Needed

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