4th November, 2018 – Revamping West End Planters – Kurilpa Futures, under the guidance of local landscape architects John Mongard and Todd Gallagher, have assumed the task of revamping the planters that were installed in 1992. See further details here.

18th September, 2018 – PARK(ing) Day, 2018: West End Uniting Church, Tangara Social Club and Kurilpa Futures will participate in the International #PARK(ing) Day this Friday (21st September) from 11.00am in Sussex St, West End, next to the Uniting Church. Come along.

BCCParking         GreeningDay2018

9th August, 2018 – Davies Park Upgrade – Members of KF have developed some further ideas on how to save the community garden in its current location at Davies Park. We have also added some ideas about what we want in our green park (seats/shelter/play/gardens/park stuff), since the BCC plan was bereft of any detail. You will find these latest ideas here.

If we don’t ask for the green park elements, council will spend all the money on roadworks and drainage (they estimate $800,000), and a toilet ($200,000). That leaves only 1.1 million for the park works!
The round park area in the plan is the same size as Bunpappa park, on the corner of Thomas and Vulture Sts, that cost 1 million so you see it will not spread to all the things they show, and to the things they don’t show.
We request that you all support getting an actual park and improving the community garden. Any money left after that, if any, can go to their infrastructure works.
The last consultation is this Saturday at the markets, 8-10.30 am, and online at the link given previously.
Please take the time to support these elements so we get what we have asked for ,in these years of waiting for a second park!

2nd August, 2018 – Davies Park Upgrade: The Brisbane City Council has made the sum of $2.1 million available for the upgrade of Davies Park. Details of this project can be found here. Council is currently seeking feedback from the community and you can give some of this feedback here or you can attend their stall at West End market between 8.00 am and 10.00 am on Saturday the 4th and 11th.

You can also view the response to the council’s proposal, from Kurilpa Futures green group, here and in diagram form below.

JM Handrawn Markup

25th July, 2018 – The Greenspace Strategy for the Kurilpa Peninsular has been updated with the changes listed below. You can find the updated version here.

  1. The verge projects that have been undertaken
  2. A chapter on the gullies/biodiversity greenways (Appendix I)
  3. Davies Park update

10th July, 2018 – Priorities Survey: We are interested in what you, as a member of the community, consider to be our top priorities for the next year or so. To collect this information we have compiled a short survey and would appreciate you filling this out for us before the 20th August. It will only take a couple of minutes. You will find it at this link.

6th July, 2018 – June Newsletter: Check out our June Newsletter to see what we’ve been doing. We’re going to try to put these out regularly to keep the community informed about our activities.

18th March, 2018 – Sussex Street Verge Planting: After 2 years of planning, and organising finance, we’ve finally finished. Check out photos from the project here

18th March, 2018 – Car share, public transport and walking: better ways to get from A to B from The Guardian

3rd March, 2018 – Crown Towers – In response to community concerns Deputy Premier (and Member for South Brisbane) Jackie Trad has written to Lord Mayor Quirk, re the development application by Crown West End Pty Ltd, for 117 Victoria St, West End. A copy of the Deputy Premier’s letter can be found here.

  • So far the Lord Mayor has acknowledged the receipt of this letter but, to our knowledge, no further response has been received.

19th February, 2018 – Crown Towers in West End (Victoria St) – Currently there is a development application (DA) with the council for 117 Victoria St, West End. The developers are Crown West End Pty Ltd (Crown Group). Yesterday a community meeting was held in Victoria St where local residents joined to show concern at the lack of compliance, of this DA, with the South Brisbane Riverside Neighbourhood Plan. This development has been designated as Code Assessable, officially giving locals no opportunity for input into this development.


How can you help? (There’s only 10 days left)

  1. You could ring the Lord Mayor,
  2. You could ring your local councilor (if you’re not in the Gabba Ward),
  3. You could email the DA team at OR
  4. You can email the assessment manager (Nicola Gould) at

Here’s some further background information for you:


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