Redevelopment of old inner city industrial sites is a widespread phenomenon in the contemporary world. This page contains good examples from parts of the world and ides from campaign members.

1. Malmö, Sweden – Here you will find an article about why Malmö is Sweden’s most sustainable city. There are some useful pointers about how the Kurilpa area might be remodelled.

2. Charles ZuberLooking at History through the adaptation of the industrial buildings in Kurilpa.

3. In Response to the insensitive over development of the original Draft Kurilpa Master Plan, members of the Kurilpa Futures Campaign Group have prepared positive and practicable proposals, in the form of Future Kurilpa Vision, showing how the neighbourhood could be better redeveloped. These have been refined through a public participation process, entitled “The Conversation”, which was held in Kurilpa Hall on the 6th December, 2014 and are now presented as an indication of some of the current ideas of the group.

4. Briefing paper for a West End Peninsula Green Space Strategy

5. Briefing paper, Transport and Mobility, Dr Liton Kamruzzaman, Senior Lecturer, Transport Planning, QUT