Heating on the Peninsula

What does ninety storeys do to the inner-city climate?

This map of the Brisbane inner city area shows how current building density, and height, affect heat in the city: all the hot zones occur where high rise buildings are clustered.

Imagine tripling the density and height of those high-rise buildings : BCC’s ninety storey development area proposal for the Kurilpa Precinct will dramatically increase the heat in these residential neighbourhoods, and will lead to an increase in the number of extreme heat days in summers, impacting our health.

The first diagram (Baseline) shows how the current area ground heat will increase to the middle image (Business as Usual) heat over the next ten years, based on current densities and plans. The bottom image (Scenario 2) shows how greening the streets and water sensitive design could mitigate the heat.

The second image shows how density affects heat: all the hot zones are where the high rise is built: imagine tripling those high-rise levels.

Further information can be found here.