Stories of  Montague Road  – its characters and its history – have been told for centuries; the ongoing and generous contribution of First Peoples, historians, and residents both past and present, bring this street to life.  

 Story #1 

Image: Paul Granville ©

Could it be that Montague Road is named after a typographical error? 

Montague Road was most-probably named after Parliamentarian, Lord Montague, incorrectly named in a Sydney newspaper. But who was he? Hansard records for the House of Lords are online and cite Thomas Spring Rice, First Baron Monteagle as the parliamentarian  who successfully moved a motion for an Upper House in the Australian colonies.

Story #2 

Electric tram number 1, running from West End to New Farm (State Library of Queensland)

Local Historian, Paul Granville’s blog post on the omnibuses of Brisbane reveals how far our public transport has come, and offers some encouragement for theatre patrons along  Montague Road! 

In the 1880s, Montague Road was in such a bad condition that omnibuses frequently travelled on the footpath. In the dark of the night, there was the risk of slipping down unseen adjacent embankments. This occurred to a ‘bus carrying theatregoers one November evening in 1889. The ‘bus overturned without any of the passengers being seriously injured. The newspaper report goes on to say: “There was a good deal of mud and water about the place, and the appearance of the passengers after getting free of the vehicle may be better imagined than described”.