4th November, 2018 – Revamping Planters in Boundary and Vulture Streets

A Bit of History

In 1992 a set of 9 planters were installed in West End shopping area at the same time the Goanna came to live there – 4 in Boundary St, 3 in Vulture St, and 1 in each of Russell and Thomas Sts. Over the years some of these planters have been watered by local shop owners, and 1 has even been repainted, but many have been neglected. Under the guidance of John Mongard (who was responsible for the original installations) and his associate Todd Gallagher, Kurilpa Futures assumed the task of revamping these planters.

Stage 1

A few weeks ago a team of 4 got together on a Sunday morning and repainted and replanted the planter box on Russell St.


Stage 2

Effort of the team on the 3rd November.



Final Product