CANDIDATE FORUM – 2020 State Election

We hear it’s going to be a close election in South Brisbane so don’t miss your opportunity to question the candidates.

  • What issues are most important to you?
  • What are the candidates promising?
  • Kurilpa Futures’ overall aim is to ensure that development on the Kurilpa Peninsula meets the needs of the residents of, and visitors to, South Brisbane and the wider Brisbane community. Read the complete expression of the associated issues here.

Candidates Forums Video (via Zoom and Radio)

Thanks to the South Brisbane candidates and viewers who participated in what turned out to be a passionate political discussion with Kurilpa Futures. Four of the seven candidates participated in the forum: Amy MacMahon for the Greens, Jackie Trad for Labor, and independents, John Jiggens, and John Meyer. LNP candidate Clem Grehan was a last-minute apology.

  • This is perhaps one of the most critical elections for Queensland for some time, so if you missed it and want to hear what the candidates are promising, catch up AT THE LINK HERE.
  • If you’re a FaceBook user you may also like to watch the Zoom video of the Candidates Forum that WECA ran on the 15th October.
  • And Rebecca Livingstone on ABC Mornings interviewed Clem Greham, Amy McMahon and Jackie Trad on the morning of the 21st October at Bunyapa Park, West End.

Forum Date: 17th October from 3.00pm to 4.30pm

Election Date: 31st October


  • Amy McMahon, Greens – Attended
  • Jackie Trad, ALP – Attended
  • John Jiggens, Legalise Cannabis Queensland – Attended
  • John Meyer, Independent – Attended
  • Clem Greham, LNP – Excused himself due to other commitments
  • Mark Thorne , UAP – Did not confirm
  • Rosalie Taxis, One Nation – Was not able to be contacted

Questions for the Candidates from Community Members:

Click here to view

Questions for the Candidates from Kurilpa Futures:

We have sent the candidates, who have confirmed their attendance, a set of questions that we have asked that they reply with their responses. The questions are listed here and each candidate’s response will be published when received.

  1. What do you consider are the main concerns of the people of South Brisbane? How have these changed since the last state election?
  2. Climate change impacts are now widely felt and increasingly damaging. How would your party’s policies help the Kurilpa community to adapt to these impacts? 
  3. The Covid pandemic has intensified the cumulative negative social, environmental, and economic impacts of rapid and high population growth and poor planning and infrastructure provision. Can you explain how your party would provide effective leadership to address these issues? 
  4. We know that Queensland has a severe shortage of social and affordable housing. What specific steps would your party take to address the public and affordable housing shortfall in South Brisbane? 
  5. The West End community, through its award-winning green space strategy has identified over 14 hectares of under-utilised crown land and road reserve that could be converted into green space. Will you support a policy to allow road reserve, where appropriate, to become greenspace for the community and what other steps will you take to increase access to greenspace in the community? 

Responses to Questions from Kurilpa Futures

John Meyer