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29th November, 2017 – Jane St, Community Garden: Community gardens are hubs for our neighbourhood, providing local food and gathering places. Jane street community garden is our main food centred hub, and it is very vulnerable, without lease …its in the commons. This article, by John Mongard, shows why we need fresh food close to home and how we can plan it into our future places and commons.

21st September, 2017 – Principles for Future Development of Brisbane’s South Bank Gardens.

18th June, 2016 – New Park for Thomas St ,West EndAs part of the Green Space Strategy for the Kurilpa Peninsular, proposed by John Mongard and his team, this design for the new park on the corner of Thomas and Vulture St has been put forward after consultation with the local community and with the aid of WECA.

29th April, 2016 – Green Space Strategy for 4101 Updated version – Prepared by local landscape architects John Mongard, Gavin Hardy, Alvin Kirby and Michelle Kirby-Brown.


7th April, 2016 – West End Community Association have released their partition – ‘Stop West End’s Cultural Heartland Being Overshadowed By Corporate Development’

Sign Here


26th January, 2016 – WEST VILLAGE PROPOSAL

  • Proposal includes 1350 new units, 15 storey towers, parking for 1200 vehicles, thousands of square metres of commercial development, density of 500 dwellings per hectare (conflicts with Council’s 2011 Priority Infrastructure Plan)
  • Read Kurilpa Futures’ submission
  • Comment period closed on the February 18, 2016
  • For More Information

10th February – A little bit of history


Cox Rayner’s Canon Hill development offers possibilities for more sustainable high density housing.

These new medium rise, high density inner city apartments, a Cox Rayner development, are only 5 minutes’ walk from Cannon Hill railway station and on the major Wynnum Road bus route. They provide a good example of how to build new inner city apartments without dominating and devastating surrounding city life and places.

Similarly well-integrated and balanced developments would be equally successful in other inner city locations like West End and Spring Hill where existing buildings, activities and spaces form an important part of the city’s life and character. Just because they are closer to the city centre doesn’t mean that they should be turned into carbon copies of its skyscrapers. Selective re-development of available sites like this one should instead be similarly in scale and keeping with their surroundings.

7th December 2015 – It’s the vibe, Brisbane! 

Urban planner Greg Vann provides a useful addition to the debate about urban policy in his recent piece on his blog site, Reviewanew: It’s the vibe, Brisbane!

2nd December 2015 –  Important News from Cr Helen Abrahams


This Concept Plan for  “A New Park  for Thomas Street, West End” was prepared by a group of accomplished South Brisbane and West End landscape architects with extensive community participation and dialogue. This included involvement in an on site design workshop organised by Councillor Helen Abrahams, and a week-long community consultation program based in “The Kiosk” open space in Boundary Street, organised by the West End Community Association and  supported by the Kurilpa Futures.

The Kurilpa Futures Group  strongly support this resulting  plan, which has built on excellent  community participation and grounding in  local values and needs to produce a scheme which  will provide the community with much needed open space, combining the roles of village green and town square, as well as a  creating a focus for community life and activities.  We have formally  requested Council   to  adopt  this plan in place of that circulated  by them for pubic comment at the end of November, 2015.
Thomas St4

Cr Abrahams announced yesterday that as a result of petitions, her representations, and the actions of candidates and community groups, Council has extended the date for submissions for another two weeks to 14 December 2015.

See submissions below from Cr Abrahams and from the Kurilpa Futures Campaign Group.

KFCG Submission – Thomas Street Urban Park

Councillor Helen Abrahams Submission – Thomas St Urban Park


30th November, 2015 – Thomas Street Urban Park: West End’s Town Square

A community collaboration by the West End Community Association (WECA), Kurilpa Futures, local residents and local landscape architects, John Mongard, Gavin Hardy, Alvin Kirby Michelle Kirby-Brown and Andrew Galt.Thomas Street Press Release Pg1Thomas Street Press Release Pg2Thomas Street Press Release Pg3Thomas Street Press Release Pg4Thomas Street Press Release Pg5

10th November, 2015 – People Power for Better Planning in the Westender

3rd November, 2015 – Green Space Strategy for 4101 – Original version – Prepared by local landscape architects John Mongard, Gavin Hardy, Alvin Kirby and Michelle Kirby-Brown.


21st September, 2015 – Planning Institute of Australia has sent this email of support, to its members, for the new federal position of Minister for Cities and the Built Environment.


20th September, 2015 – Brisbane is flood prone – we all know this. Could Brisbane do something similar??


19th September, 2015Satire to fight gentrification?


18th September, 2015 – Latest news on West Village:

From the Courier Mail –


From the Westender


17th September, 2015 – Seems like developers are at it again – canvasing community opinion without disclosing who its for.


7th September, 2015 – The Ideas Forum Report was presented to Deputy Premier Jackie Trad on the 5th August, and to Lord Mayor Grahame Quirk on the 11th August.  A summary of those meetings is given here.

19th August, 2015 – Brisbane Times – Lord Mayor Graham Quirk has called for CCC referrals over Wolter Consulting Group development application.


15th August, 2015 – Check out these development proposals. The idea of having 50 and 60 story buildings in our CBD is just one.


12th August, 2015 – 

Looking at ways to stem the corruption in land zoning found to exist by research out of the University of Queensland.


The possible long term effects of the new casino development


11th August, 2015 – From the Financial Review


9th August, 2015 – For a complete coverage on the March on the 2nd August check out Jan Bowman’s report in the Westender.

7th August, 2015 – Urban Agriculture at work


7th August, 2015 – Interesting look at cities around the world and the effect of ‘greening’. Source: Urban Design 4 Living with Climate – August News Email


7th August, 2015 – Brisbane Times  looking at the Aesthetics and Livability of Brisbane


22nd July, 2015 – Join us in out quest for Better Development Regulations:
16th June, 2015 – One of the legacies of the previous state government . It is no longer a case of, if we build it they will come!


14th June, 2015 – “Debate over development in suburban Brisbane is heating up”


13th June, 2015 – ABC story on Overdevelopment tonight (Saturday) on News 24 at 9.30pm or tomorrow morning (Sunday) on ABC 1.

1st June, 2015 – KFCG at West End State School Fiesta. Thank you WESS for letting us participate.


28th May, 2015 – Kurilpa Ideas Forum gets talked about in Quest


28th May, 2015 – Qld Government Planning Direction Paper


27th May, 2015 – Outcomes of the Kurilpa Ideas Forum. See what the attendees had to say.

19th May, 2015 – Great coverage of the Ideas Forum, giving locals a voice, on ABC 612 this morning. Then more coverage with the Westender and Quest News.

19th May, 2015 – Kurilpa Ideas Forum – 17th May, 2015. An amazing success with more than 160 people participating, and being given the opportunity to have their say on the design for the future of this significant piece of Brisbane waterfront land. Listen to the keynote speakers, and the Queensland Deputy Premier’s response.

 IF2  IF4
 IF6  IF8

13th May, 2015 – Volunteering


12th April, 2015 –

Ideas Forum - final flyer
Come along and have your say at our Kurilpa Ideas Forum on the 17th May at Souths Leagues Club. RSVP to More information here.

17th April, 2015 – “How Brisbane Morphed From Big Country Town to Brisvegas”

15th April, 2015 – From the ABC – We can learn from Vancouver and Portland.

23rd March, 2015 – Check out our News and Media page for some interesting ideas from around the world.

22nd March, 2015 – From The Guardian


22nd March, 2015 – See how Melbourne is dealing with one of its urbane renewal projects at Fisherman’s Bend.

16th March, 2015 – Contribution by Andrea Young, one of Australia’s leading social planners whose work has helped to pioneer the integration of social considerations into urban planning and development processes.

13th March, 2015 – From the Brisbane Times – “Developers lodge plan for mega student towers in South Brisbane”

7th March, 2015 – From the Australian – Institute of Architect Queensland president Richard Kirk calls for “City Vision amid Brisbane’s Grand Design”.

4th March, 2015 – From the City South News: And what will happen when the approximately 11000 extras move in to Kurilpa?? When we asked the council representative, promoting the Draft Kurilpa Master Plan at the West End Markets last year, the plans they had for further school capacity the response was – that’s a state government issue. Considering this plan was jointly proposed by the LNP state government and the LNP Brisbane City Council you would think they’d have had a plan to address school over-crowding.

3rd March, 2015 – Lord Mayor Graham Quirk ignored the 12.5% compliance with the City Plan for  development approvals in South Brisbane when asked this question in Council. Instead he said “South Brisbane is a nice area and doing well” and “When Kurilpa comes on board, we’re going to see the whole growth of the creative precincts and industries”. From Question Time

What a shame that the Lord Mayor has never fronted to a meeting of local residents to know what they think of the Kurilpa Plan. Local residents do have legitimate ideas  for urban renewal growth in their suburb yet the Lord Mayor is not interested in what we have to say.

12th February, 2015 – Its not just Brisbane that’s facing high density living in their inner city – check this article out from The Age


3rd February, 2015 – According to ABC news – as a result of Saturday’s election, many of the proposed projects across the state are now ‘in limbo’, including the Draft Kurilpa Master Plan. If you haven’t already seen it check it out. The report is about 6 minutes into the news broadcast:

Local, National and International News hosted by Karina Carvalho (Mon-Fri) and Jessica van Vonderen (Sat-Sun). Closed captions not currently available for this program.

29th January, 2015 – From the Aus :  QIC Global Real Estate has emerged as a prime contender for two key development sites worth about $130 million that make up a substantial component of the Kurilpa Master Plan.


25th January, 2015 – Check out the audio from the Candidates’ Forum on the 21st January  – Statement of the problem, Policies from each candidate, and Wrapup.

22nd January, 2015 – South Brisbane Candidates’ Forum, yet another successful event – 2015 Election Forum outcomes media release­.

For those of you who attended last night, Thank You for coming and for participating. You would have received a list of candidates and their contact details. Don’t forget, if you have further questions, you can send them to the relevant candidate. And, if you think its appropriate, please send a copy of the question and answer to

20th January, 2015 – “An interesting and pertinent article in relation to Green Square Urban Renewal area in Sydney and the concerns arising out of the shortfall in the provision of public transport and planning for vehicle accessibility.”

20th January, 2015 – “This is indicative of the potential issues that will arise with the Kurilpa Renewal area and the lack of planning being shown in relation to the provision of public transport and vehicle accessibility.”


10th January, 2015 – Come and join us at our Local Candidates Forum,  jointly run with The Westender, to hear policies on development and developer contribution to political parties.

12th December, 2014 – See what you, the Community, had to say about the Kurilpa Master Plan at our Community Conversation on the 6th December – Community Concerns page

11th December, 2014 – City of Sydney works with both Community & State Government to promote World’s Best Practice in Bayside Renewal Projects – External Links Page

9th December, 2014 – The Qld Govt has recently introduced the new Planning & Development Bill 2014 before parliament, which affects the way development will happen and will affect everyone. It proposes an erosion of your rights in many areas under existing legislation. Please refer to the EDO’s detailed response and 4 quick summaries by following the link on our External Links page.

8th December, 2014 – The Community Consultation drop in, which happened at the Kurilpa Hall on Saturday the 6th, was very successful. Over 100 community members came along to discuss the issues of importance to them. We are now in the process of collating the feedback that we received and will get that out as soon as we have completed the process.

Come and join us and have your say – check out the details here

KFG Flyer Dec 6th

22nd November, 2014 – The first application for (over) development in Kurilpa has been lodged.  Is this what we want for this important area?  Use this sample to prepare a submission for the Bouquet St development

  • Comments can be sent to
  • Submissions can be made at
  • And would you please send a copy of any submission to Helen Abrahams (Local council member) at and

19th November, 2014 – Bouquet Street “Spice” wake a success! – What’s Happening Page

17th November, 2014 – ‘Wake’ planned for implementation of the first stage of the Kurilpa Master Plan – News and Media Release Page

12th November, 2014Australian Institute of Landscape Architect’s submission to the Kurilpa Master Plan – External Links Page

12th November, 2014Is this what we have in store for us in Brisbane as the number of high rise increases?


6th November, 2014 – Kurilpa Master Plan Community Submission Statistics

The following figures on the number of submissions on the Draft Kurilpa Plan were provided to Cr Helen Abrahams:

  • 339 written responses (letter and email)
    • 165 personal submissions
    • 174 proforma
  • 1 petition with 50 signatures (from the Hill End Community)
  • 425 online survey responses
  • 769 people attended 7 events, eg, BDA launch, talk to planner sessions at markets
  • 27,708 website unique views from 21 Aug – 3 Oct.

4th November, 2014 – Democracy Queensland Style: State Government Dismisses a 1700 signature partition on Draft Kurilpa Master Plan in 4 paragraphs – External Links page

31st October, 2014 – Alternative Visions for Kurilpa – Let’s Demand Better For Brisbane – Opinion Pieces Page


29th October, 2014Closed-door consultation plan prompts international shopping spree for Brisbane Riverside

The draft Kurilpa Master Plan triggered a hostile petition with 1,500 signatures for better public involvement in its rushed 6-week consultation period. Now it is having its intended affect in raising land values  – and building prospects- sky high around Brisbane’s cultural heart. The price tag of $100 million for a 1.2-hectare site will put the inner city out of the reach of ordinary families and hopeful young people. It is based on prospects of 40 storey tower blocks of apartments rising from a narrow strip of open space along the Brisbane River, high above the iconic Gallery of Modern Art. Not surprisingly Parmalat is reported to be looking to Asia for this kind of money. The flawed draft Kurilpa Master Plan is thus – quite literally- casting long shadows ahead of itself. Despite lack of public support, it may become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The first installment of the intended type of development has been submitted to the Council already with proposals for a tower rising to 30 storeys on an adjacent site in Bouquet Street. However, if enough people make their voices heard, the draft plan and the Bouquet Street towers need never be built. This precious area can instead be redeveloped for lively mixed uses of recreation, parkland, tourism and entertainment compatible with its location close to the South Bank Gardens, the Queensland Cultural Centre and the creative core of West End and South Brisbane. Concerned citizens should object now!

Contact Phil Heywood: 0409 278 043 or 3846 5171

29 October, 2014 Letter to the CEO, Brisbane City Council, re the development application for 25 Bouquet St, South Brisbane.

29th October, 2014 – Why aren’t Queensland decision-makers learning from mistakes made in other Australian cities? The title is a bit sensationalist, but the issues raised in the story are definitely worth thinking about…

25th October, 2014 – Helen Abraham’s letter to residents concerning the application to Council re 25 Bouquet St, South Brisbane.

Council has received a second application for the vacant land between the Go Between Bridge and Bouquet Street, South Brisbane. There is currently an approval for two 15 storey residential tower buildings on this site.
The new application is for a 26 storey tower and a 15 storey tower providing 396 units even though the City Plan 2014 still states the acceptable height is 15 storeys on this site. The justification of the increased height is the draft Kurilpa Master Plan. This demonstrates who benefits from Master Plan with the objective to cram as many people into Brisbane not planning for a world class city.

FullSizeRender-11 The next step

FullSizeRender-4   Check out the story here.

FullSizeRender-5Check out the story here.

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