The following is a set of studies and reports that have been undertaken concerning the Kurilpa Peninsula or the wider Brisbane region.

  • South Brisbane Transport and Mobility Study – undertaken by the State Government from September, 2018 til November, 2019 to look at the increasing transport pressure on the peninsula.
  • A Comparison of the projections of population growth from the South Brisbane Transport and Mobility Study with the results from the last three census results.
  • Move Safe Report – BCC has undertaken a citywide review of active transport.
  • Ideas Forum – a community forum undertaken by Kurilpa Futures in 2015 in response to the Draft Kurilpa Master Plan proposed by the then State Government and Brisbane City Council.
  • Student Ideas Forum – a workshop that Kurilpa Futures conducted with West End State School to gain input from the students as to their vision for the peninsula.
  • Increasing Tree Coverage on the Peninsula – Kurilpa Futures has, in partnership with BCC, undertaken a project to increase street tree coverage on main thoroughfares in the peninsula.
  • Creative Works is pa­rt of the Smart Urban Governance for More than Human Futures Project – the concept of more-­than-human cities has recently garnered much interest. Drawi­ng on a diversity of more-than-human per­spectives, this current PhD study aims to reveal the untapped potential of more-­than-human approaches in smart urban gov­ernance. This link takes us to the study via a recent art exhibition. 
  • At one of our recent pop-ups along Montague Road, a local resident told us:  “Although we’re living closer together, the irony is that sometimes in apartments it can feel as though you’re more disconnected from community”.  These authors argue loneliness is largely a product of our environment – what they call a “lonelygenic environment” – not a disease or a problem with any particular individual.  Rather, they suggest we’ve been building for loneliness.  
  • An interesting discussion on the demise of the use of trams in Brisbane.
  • Are EV’s really better for the climate??