Below is a list of venues and times where you can speak to a member of the team and find out more information about the project.

6 August10.00-2.00pmBrisbane State High Open Day
6 August7.00-9.00amDavies Park, Riverside Entrance
6 August11.00-1.00pmOutside Aldi
10 August12.00 noon-2.00pmWest End Ferry Stop
11 August8.30 -11.00 amMontague Rd @ Davies Park, Glyder Stop 60
11 August5.00-7.00pmAldi, Montague Rd
13 August9.00-11.00amDavies Park Markets
13 August2.00-4.00pmHistory Walk
17 August7.00-8.30amMontague Rd@Victoria St, Bus 60 stop
20 August7.00-9.00amDavies Park, Car park entrance (sth)
24 August7.00-8.30amMontague Rd@Forbes St, Bus 60 stop
24 August11.00-1.00pmWest End Ferry
24 August3.00-4.00pmWest End Ferry
27 August7.00-9.00amDavies Park Montague, Rd Entrance
31 August11.00-1.00pmWest End Ferry
31 August3.00-4.00pmWest End Ferry