21st September, 2017 – Principles for Future Development of Brisbane South Bank Gardens


26th May, 2016 – FACTSHEET #3: The truth about Community response to the South Brisbane Riverside Neighbourhood Plan.

11th October, 2015FACTSHEET #2: Parks Requirements, West End Peninsular

11th October, 2015FACTSHEET #1: Planning Density for Livable Communities


15th May, 2015 – Transport and Mobility, Dr Liton Kamruzzaman, Senior Lecturer, Transport Planning, QUT

13th May, 2015 – Briefing paper for a West End Peninsula Green Space Strategy

16th March, 2015 – Contribution by Andrea Young: one of Australia’s leading social planners whose work has helped to pioneer the integration of social considerations into urban planning and development processes; Principal of Andrea Young Planning Consultants, based in Brisbane; Fellow of the Planning Institute of Australia (PIA); Chair of PIA’s National Climate Change Group.

Alternative Visions for Kurilpa – Let’s demand better for Brisbane

Kurilpa Futures Vision – with modifications resulting from the KFCG’s “Conversations” held on the 6th December, 2014.

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