14th November, 2016 – Included here are the updated shadow diagrams reflecting the Recalled Approval by the Deputy Premier.

  • Shadow Diagrams as for the 22nd June, reflecting the Recall Approval – with the position of the 8 and western most 15 story buildings reversed
  • Site plan showing number of stories and building assumptions:


  • Cross section through Wilson Street:


  • A 3D image showing the relevant differences of the new heights. These are varied subject to their actual natural ground level. A guess has been made of some of the building sizes as actual information is not yet available.


16th August, 2016 – Kurilpa Futures Group Submission to the Deputy Premier re her proposed ‘Call In’ of the BCC’s approval for the West Village development.

7th April, 2016 – West End Community Association have released their partition – ‘Stop West End’s Cultural Heartland Being Overshadowed By Corporate Development’

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18th March, 2016 – Diagrams of the recently approved Development of the “Absoe” site along West End’s Boundary and Mollison Streets.

  1. Kurilpa_Riverfront Renewal Master Plan (KRRMP) – ABSOE Study Area
    • A site plan of the Kurilpa peninsula showing the scale & proximity of the recent KRRMP proposal, and the ABSOE site DA, and their neighbourhood context, showing building layouts for both proposals.
  2. ABSOE Stage 1 Solar Study (22nd June)
    • Two 15 storey residential towers recently approved by BCC for the ABSOE site, facing Wilson St. This group of site plans shows the impact of shading on June 22, every hour from 8am till 4pm. The drawings are done with the terrain & buildings modelled in 3D
  3. ABSOE Total Development Solar Study (22nd June)
    • This is the same presentation technique as ‘2’ above, but showing the impact of the completed project as proposed.
    • It also shows the contour modelling plan of the area.
  4. KRRMP and ABSOE Context Solar Study (22nd June)
    • This is similar to ‘3’ above, but now showing Kurilpa peninsula, also includes a 30 & a 40 storey building as samples of what shadow casting effects these groups of buildings would have on each other & their surrounding precinct.
  5. Two Cross-Sections used For Modelling in Sections 2-4 above
    • Scale 1:2000 @ A1 paper size.
    • This shows the relationship of building forms with land contours in section profile
      1. Section through Brisbane River
      2. Section through Wilson St



Submission – West Village proposal by Kurilpa Futures

Kurilpa Futures has been closely involved in assisting community discussion of this proposed development since it was first floated early in 2015. Proposed for a site in the heart of West End, The “village” would occupy 2.6 hectares, stretching back from the corner of Boundary and Mollison Streets as far as Wilson and Little Jane Streets and would be phased for development over a period of ten years of continuous construction. Extra car parking for over 1,200 vehicles is included in Stage One, scheduled for 2016.
Opposition, including community meetings and demonstrations, greeted the original application, proposed to include seven tower blocks ranging from 17 to 25 storeys. Following a march and rally which Kurilpa Futures initiated and helped to organise in August 2015, Council referred the planning application back to the applicants with the guidance that they should resubmit a scheme more in keeping with the 15 storey height limit of the South Brisbane Riverside Neighbourhood Plan (SBRNP), and with community expectations.
The re-submitted scheme now appears to maintain the original very high densities of 519 dwellings to the hectare, by reducing the height but increasing the bulk of the proposed buildings. It thus still conflicts with the “Acceptable Outcomes” of the SBRNP and the density requirements of the Council Priority Infrastructure Plan (PIP).
Kurilpa Futures has therefore lodged this submission to Council objecting to the revised proposal, which we invite members and supporters to read, and make use of, in preparing your own submissions. The Application and all the relevant proposal and supporting plans documents make fascinating reading and can be easily accessed at Brisbane City Council’s “PD Online” site at
Application Number – A004115562

Comment period is open until February 18, 2016 and can be submitted online at he above address;
Or by post to:
The Assessment Manager,
Brisbane City Council,
GPO Box 1434,
Brisbane, 4001.